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Weight Reduction

Often dieting becomes a life long project.
Going from diet to another, losing interest.
The weight goes back on.
More often than not with a few extra pounds for your trouble.

Why Dieting Is Not The Answer

• Dieting does not deal with emotional or additive eating.
• Dieting makes "forbidden" food more tempting and takes away the   pleasure of eating.
• Dieting does not help you understand your body's nutritional requirements.
• Dieting increases guilt if not followed. This leads to failure and low
  self esteem.
So the cycle goes on.

The Weight Reduction Programme

Deals with Emotional Eating
Eliminates Addictions and Cravings
Releases the "Can and Can't Have" syndrome.
Encourages you to understand Physical Hunger.
Helps you to let go of Guilt.
Increases your ability for meal times to be a Normal, Satisfying
and Pleasurable Experience.
Builds your Self-Esteem and Confidence.
Provides a Few Simple Steps to Change the way you think about food forever.
Ensures that these Positive Changes feel Natural and Remain Permanent.


All too often eating habits have very little to do with food and hunger.

Emotional hunger is one of the primary causes of obesity and no amount of dieting ever deals with this.

Understanding the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger, dealing with it, is a major step towards your weight reduction goal.

Addictions and cravings for certain foods are learnt behaviours, by eliminating these, you are nearer to your goal.

When people feel they are overweight food becomes a persistent thought pattern in the mind. Food becomes either good or bad, black or white and the ability to enjoy food is lost. The "Can Have" and the "Can't Have" are constantly battling inside. A large plate of "Can Have" still leaves that empty unsatisfied feeling consequently the "Can't Have" becomes extremely tempting and impossible to ignore. When you give in, you are left with feelings of guilt, failure, and your self esteem begins to suffer.

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Difficulty with diets

90% of people who try to reduce weight by dieting fail.

Change your relationship
with food.

your weight.

Change your life.

Enjoy meal times





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