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With Hypnosis and NLP negative stress can become a thing of the past.

The Stress Programme
Each person is an Individual so everyone has a Treatment Programme designed around them.
The sessions are developed to give you a whole new attitude to life.
Provide the necessary ingredients to make positive changes needed to alleviate stressful situations.
Addresses issues of Self-Esteem, Confidence, Empowerment.
Encourages a positive outlook on life, physical, mental and spiritual.

Insomnia (Sleep Deprivation)
Everyone from time to time suffers in one form or another of uncomfortable nights and sleep patterns being disturbed. It only becomes an issue when the these patterns become a regular occurrence night after night.

Insomnia can appear in various ways:
Getting off to sleep may be your problem.
Waking several times during the night.
Waking too early and be unable to fall back to sleep.
Each one of these patterns can be classed as insomnia and usually the associated
cause is stress.
Hypnosis and NLP deals with the cause, plus alleviates the symptoms of Insomnia enabling a peaceful night's sleep every night.

Anger and Aggressive Behaviour
Quick temper, aggressive behaviour all too often affect our lives.

Usually it is a sign of stress, feeling being out of control and fearful.
Backed into a corner an animal feels it's only option is to fight.
Human beings have that instinct but we also have the gift of reason. When that appears to be lost then what we are afraid of makes us act like the animal in the corner.

Anger is a form of self punishment, aggression is the belief that we do not count. We go to the extreme to prove that we do count, we are important. The trigger to these negative reactions comes from the unconscious mind.
Combining NLP techniques and hypnosis the unconscious mind releases the negative behaviour and adopts a healthier, calmer attitude.

Some More Examples of Stress Issues
Symptoms of stress can appear in many forms:
Psychosomatic pains/illnesses, Headaches, Appetite loss, Fatigue, Health depletion, Memory loss, Lack of concentration. Lack of motivation, Digestive problems, Blood pressure, are few symptoms that are related to stress.
These are all treatable issues within the Stress Programme I have developed.

Depression/Anxiety/Panic Attacks




Burn Out


A Drug Free
natural way to regain restful, nourishing sleep patterns.

When you feel the whole world is against you.
It is.

When you stop being against yourself.
The world is
the friend
by your side.

Fitting together like a hand
in a glove.

Drops of water in the ocean.


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