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Stress Issues

With today's type of lifestyles we all too often we become the victims of stress.

The Stress Programme
Each person is an Individual so everyone has a Treatment Programme designed around them.
The sessions are developed to give you a whole new attitude to life.
Provide the necessary ingredients to make positive changes needed to alleviate stressful situations.
Addresses issues of Self-Esteem, Confidence, Empowerment.
Encourages a positive outlook on life, physical, mental and spiritual.

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Depression accompanies the emotion of hopelessness. A total feeling of "nothing" an empty space inside yourself that once you occupied.
Because of this debilitating state it appears there is no way out, only strengthening thedepressive state being experienced.

Taking the first step may seem the hardest thing you have ever done, but taking it will be the greatest thing you could ever do in your life.
Hypnosis gently guides the mind to to heal and encompass new thought patterns.

Anxiety is a state of continual apprehension. It is butterflies in the stomach at all times. It is present when you go to sleep at night and present the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Even if the negative experience appears over we can often hold onto the anxiety it caused, thus playing the emotion over and over again. Whether it is something from the past or something being experienced today the state of anxiety
can be overcome.

Panic attacks
Panic attacks should be dealt with as soon as they start. They are the result of a build up of fear and negative experiences, some can go back to childhood. The unconscious mind retains the negative emotion just as it was experienced at that time. When further negative situations arise the unconscious mind reproduces that retained emotion, more often that not distorting the current situation out of proportion. So the onset of a panic attack does not always appear to have an obvious cause. Physical symptoms can be extremely disturbing, shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, palpitations are just a few examples. We live in fear of experiencing an attack which in itself produces more attacks. each one strengthening the now learnt response. The sufferer lives in a constant state of anxiety.

Some More Examples of Stress Issues
Symptoms of stress can appear in many forms:
Psychosomatic pains/illnesses, Headaches, Appetite loss, Fatigue, Health depletion, Memory loss, Lack of concentration. Lack of motivation, Digestive problems, Blood pressure, are few symptoms that are related to stress.
These are all treatable issues within the Stress Programme I have developed.

Insomnia/Anger and Aggressive Behaviour









Three Heads

Hypnosis & NLP
can break the pattern of Depression

Releasing anxiety
promotes empowerment for
a more Positive Attitude to Life.

Breaking the habitual pattern of the Panic Attacks
alleviates the retained emotional triggers. Providing relaxation and
well being,
boosts self-esteem and confidence







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