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Stress realted Isssues

The Stress Programme

Each person is an Individual so everyone has a Treatment Programme designed around them.
The sessions are developed to give you a whole new attitude to life.
Provide the necessary ingredients to make positive changes needed to alleviate stressful situations.
Addresses issues of Self-Esteem, Confidence, Empowerment.
Encourages a positive outlook on life, physical, mental and spiritual.

Selection Of Conditions/Treatments (click the links below)

Depression Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Insomnia Anger and Aggressive Behaviour
Other Issues Treated Within The Stess Programme

Onset of Stress

When a negative situation arises, we begin to feel worried. Worry produces fear.
When fear is experienced the body produces large amounts of adrenaline a hormone secreted from the adrenal gland.

Its function is to prepare the body for the "Fight or Flight" syndrome. Basically the body is in survival mode. This increases muscular activity, heart rate, breathing,
blood pressure etc and reduces the immune system. Fine for the short term if we
need to fight or flee for our life but the majority of the time that is not the case and so the adrenaline remains in the body and increases every time we encounter a stressful situation.

The releasing of adrenaline into the body decreases certain natural functions the body needs for long term good health. It suppresses the immune system, the digestive system and prevents natural chemicals and antibodies from being produced. As you can imagine this can have damaging long term effects on the body.

Because of this a variety of conditions may surface, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety etc. These all affect the way we think and act in daily life. Temper is on a short fuse, concentration is almost non existent and memory fails. Thoughts become more and more negative and self destructive. Small everyday issues become insurmountable. This increases the "Fear" and so the cycle continues.




Stress to Wellness

It is not the
amount of Stress that can cause concern.
It's how to deal with it that needs to be addressed.

The cause of stress is as varied as
there are people.
The onset is always the same "FEAR"

Negative situations cause worry.
Worry produces "FEAR."


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