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Self Esteem

Why Self-Esteem is so Important
Low self-esteem is the underlying issue to most if not all of problematic areas we all have to deal with at some time or other.

Self-esteem covers Empowerment, Self-worth, Confidence and does not stem from the ego. It is a simple and pure realisation of our right to be here, being who and what we are by accepting our individuality.

From birth and throughout life, self-esteem gets knocked and bruised. Trying to fit in, trying to please and trying to be what is called "Normal" are all ways self-esteem can gradually seem to diminish. Yet self-esteem never dies, it always remains the same that is why negative issues appear in our lives. They are the inner conflict we experience as we deny our individuality and acceptance of who we are. In other words our Self-Esteem.

The Self-Esteem/ Confidence Programme
Encourages: Feelings of Value, Love and Appreciation of yourself.
Provides: Empowerment to bring about any changes necessary for a happier more successful life
Builds: Your Confidence and Self-Worth
Releases: the "Victim Role" so commonly present when low self-esteem is an issue.
Relieves: Negative, Problematic areas that have been adopted.

Self-esteem is one of the most treasured gifts we have in life.
It never relates to any egotistical or negative behaviour (those appear from low self-esteem

Self-esteem is something we are all born with, it is part of our individuality, when we try to deny it, negative patterns develop.

Often we adopt behaviours as a way of being loved and accepted. Through today's various medias we are bombard with idealistic lifestyles, giving the impression that this is the way we should behave, act or react in order to be accepted, to have friends and to be successful. We are told how to behave, think and feel. The media often ridicule those who appear to be "Outside The Norm." Yet again confirming it is unsafe to be anything other than "Normal"

Low self esteem can begin from childhood, through upbringing, environment etc. By denying who we are we encourage feelings of "Not deserving" or "Not being good enough" (a couple of examples) which only strengthens an already present low self esteem. Consequently we can then experience some of the following: Weight issues, addictions, relationship problems, failure, stress etc.




Self-Esteem is being comfortable with who
you are.

Self-Esteem is liking who
you are.

Self-Esteem is accepting
who you are.



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