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A Past Life Regression can prove to be a fascinating experience.
It can bring to light answers about ourselves in this present life experience.

It is believed that those close to us or those that have impact in our life. good or bad,have been with us in a previous existence.

Past Life Regression Programme
A Past Life Regression can be a fanicinating experience. It can offer a insight in who we are today in this life.

For those who have never experienced hypnosis before I offer
2 appointments at no extra cost.
The first session allows you to experience hypnosis plus we lay the foundations for the next session. The second session
The 2nd session having once been hypnotised a deeper and more relaxing state of hypnosis is reached thus allowing the discovery of a Past Life to be more prominent.

I always advise that you try not to have pre-conceived ideas about any past life you think you may have had.
Please note: For a Past life Regression you are guided to positive aspects of any life you may have lived.
Under no circumstances do you ever re-live traumatic or harmful events.

Therapy Regression & Past Life Regression
On occasions regression or past life regression can be useful in gaining insight to relieve unwanted thoughts and behaviour.This is conducted within the therapy treatment already suggested.
You are never subjected to re-living any traumatic or fearful experience.




The Road

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before?

Do people or
places previously
unknown seen familiar at first sight?

The Western World is only just beginning to understand the fact of reincarnation.


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