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Other Common Issues

It is in the unconscious mind that your addiction lives.
Whether it is alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate etc. it all stems from the unconscious mind.

The effective way to rid addiction is by restructuring those addictive feelings, triggers and thoughts in the unconscious mind to a new empowering state of mind.

Through the use of hypnosis and NLP addictions can be completely released. You may find reading the Hypnosis page helpful.

The amount of sessions can vary but usually range between 3-5.

Pain Management
Hypnosis is natures natural anaesthesia. Living in constant pain is a debilitating situation With hypnosis the constant, incurable pain can be relieved.

Hypnosis can help relieve all types of pain very effectively.
You are taught to use hypnosis on yourself to ease the level of pain.

Childbirth with hypnosis promotes relaxation and reduces pain levels.

Irritating Habits
There are literally thousands of negative habits that can be adopted.
Those irritating things you wish would go away.
If the habit is affecting your life eg. blushing when talking to the opposite sex, hypnosis can help you

Sport Enhancement
Hypnosis and NLP is a powerful way to enhance your sport activities.
It can help you improve specific areas or in the overall performance of your sport.
It can alleviate nerves and tension.
It can provide the motivation and concentration to attain your best possible results.

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When you cannot live without it.
When it totally
rules your life.
When you feel
you have
lost control.
You are addicted.

Pain Relief

For any pain relief treatment your condition has to have been medically diagnosed.


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