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Fears and phobias

Nerves can experienced in hundreds of different circumstances. Although not always debilitating they can intrude into daily life. Below is a list of some of the more common nervous situations we often find ourselves in.

•A trip to the dentist
•Public speaking
•Taking tests or exams
•Driving to new places
•Wedding nerves
•Meeting new people
•A new job

Nerves can develop into a fear but can often remain just one of those life niggling experiences we all have to go through from time to time. However if we feel we fail at interviews time after time because of nerves or maybe put off going to the dentist until we really need to then maybe it is time to address the situation.

Hypnosis is very effective in helping in dealing with this.
It provides a calmer response to those situations we find an ordeal. It builds on confidence for those areas such as public speaking, new jobs, etc. It eliminates those unnecessary jittery feelings that can so often lead to stress and go on to produce fears and phobias.

A Fear or Phobia can stop you enjoying life to the full.

I am often asked when does a fear become a phobia. The answer is not always that clean cut.
A fear is a conscious learnt experience.
A phobia on the other hand can appear to have no logical or conscious experience attached to it. But none the less it is a learnt experience.

Both can seem very frightening to deal with.
But both can be dealt with in easy steps.

Those around people with fears or phobias always ask the same question.

The simple answer is "Fear."

I remember reading a long time ago how we always feel comfortable in an old pair of shoes no matter what damage they do to our feet. Putting a new pair on, maybe comfortable and good for us, but feels unfamiliar and very un-nerving, so we run back to our old familiar shoes even though they are damaging to our feet.

This is how most people feel when confronting a fear or phobia. To actually face the most scariest moment of a life is not to be dismissed. A phobia can be so strong that it feels part of who you are and although it is debilitating it appears so much a part of you that it is so frightening to let it go as you wonder what will take its place. People can develop a fear or phobia over anything and everything. It is the minds way of providing protection.

If it is debilitating in any way then you have a fear/phobia.
If it is stopping you living your life to the full, then you have a fear/phobia.
If it is preventing you from carrying out everyday activities then you have a fear/phobia.

A phobia or a fear can be cured quickly with advanced techniques of hypnosis and NLP.
It is totally liberating to be free of your fear or phobia.
At no time are you made to feel uncomfortable or fearful during the experience.
Each person is different so it is tailored to meet your needs.
Always working at your pace.
Everyone discovers the freedom and empowerment that takes the place of a fear or phobia.
Amount of sessions vary. (Usually between 2 to 5)





Representing fear

A Fear can dominate the life you live.

A Phobia dictates the life you live appearing to be a Fear that has got out of hand.

Both are constantly in the forefront of
your mind.


Four common examples:
Fear of flying
Fear of hospitals
Fear of open spaces (agoraphobia)
Fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia)

We can develop Nervous Behaviour, a Fear or Phobia from any every day occurrence of life.


A bird of freedom

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