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Q. Can I be hypnotised?
A. Yes you can, in fact everybody experiences hypnosis naturally many times a day.

Q. Will I know what is happening to me?
A. Yes. At all times you are aware
of your surroundings you do not loose consciousness at any time. In fact for most therapy it is helpful to have conscious memory of the session.

Q. My friend told me of someone who never came out of a hypnotic trance?
A. I think a lot of people have heard this story.My opinion of the word
trance is misleading. It implies an abnormal occurrence. State is a much better term to use implying a natural state the mind can move in and out of. It is impossible to remain in a hypnotic state. If I left you in hypnosis the
worst that could happen is you would fall asleep and then wake up naturally
to full waking consciousness.

Q. Is hypnosis ever dangerous?
A. To experience hypnosis is not dangerous in therapeutic conditions.
If undertaken during periods when it is vital you are fully alert then it can
be extremely dangerous. Never! Never use hypnosis tapes, cd's etc if driving or doing any activity that's requires your full attention.

Q. Why do some people say hypnosis does not exist?
I can only say from the experience
on meeting such people it usually follows they have been unsuccessful helping anyone attain a hypnotic state. It takes more than psychological expertise to be able to hypnotise anyone successfully.

Q. Can I be told to do something I don't want to do?
A. You can never be told to do anything that goes against your own safety or moral codes. A suggestion like that would not be carried out. Note a reputable therapist would never give any such suggestions.

Q. Do I lose control when under hypnosis?
A. No. At all times you will remain in control. No one can hypnotise you if you are unwilling, you can at any time return to full consciousness.

Q. I have heard that hypnosis is helpful in childbirth and pain relief?
A. Hypnosis is known as natures pain relief. Because hypnosis has direct contact with the un-conscious mind which controls the nervous system it can have an anaesthetic impact on the level of pain we feel. (I met someone who had open heart surgery without drugs and only using hypnosis.)

Q. What is hypnosis?
A, Hypnosis appears to have many explanations and understandings. Hypnosis is bringing the conscious part of the mind into unison with the unconscious part of the mind. ie. Both parts of the mind are using the same wave pattern. To be in a state of hypnosis is similar as a state of meditation. (See Hypnosis Page)

Q. How can hypnosis help me?
A. Please view the Treatment Page



Often the only understanding of hypnosis is from seeing a stage hypnotist.

This gives a false impression of the experience of hypnosis and it's true value.

Listed alongside are some of the more frequent questions I am asked.

I hope this is of help.

Feel free to
contact me for any further assistance.


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