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I Believe passionately that Hypnosis is the single most powerful
tool we have to bring about life long positive changes.

Special New Year Offer For
January 2012
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Most of us have something we wish we could change in ourselves.

It could be a habit or addition eg. Smoking, it could be Weight, it might be
a lack of Confidence etc. Any number of things we wish we could change so often seems to elude us.

Consciously we make the decision to change then fail repeatedly.
Unless the change is accepted by the unconscious mind it quite
simply does not happen.

Hypnosis allows direct communication with the unconscious mind. The Hypnosis Page offers more information regarding this.

I see clients with a variety of issues.
I specialise in Stop Smoking, Weight Reduction & All Stress Related Issues.

The Products and Services Page offers the chance to purchase Natural Crystals, Aromatherapy Products & More. Information about the workshops I do can also be found on that page.

New Service (comming soon)
Email access for help "A Helping Hand"
This is a low fee service offered to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in their life at present. Although I am unable to offer hypnotherapy via email, my expertise in NLP, Counselling, EFT and Stress Therapy can really help make a difference.

Sometimes just having reassurance and a fresh mind set can really make a wonderful change to our circumstances. Email is a wonderful way of being in touch regardless of the distance between us. Take advantage and click on the green link provided above.






Changing something about yourself is not to gain approval from other people.

It is to become the person you would like to be. In fact the person you really are.

If you want to
bring positive changes to your life, you have now taken the first step.

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